Separation of ions at atmospheric pressure and room temperature

Worlds first atmospheric pressure ion focusing device

Worlds first atmospheric pressure ion trap

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This is the official website for FAIMS Established March 23, 1999

We welcome users of differential ion mobility spectrometry, DMS, (or differential mobility). Since these are merely different names for what we call FAIMS technology, we hope that this site will further your understanding of our combined technology ....

..... FAIMS - Mass Spectrometry ............... Three examples follow: MS spectra and LC-MS/MS    (a) without FAIMS and (b) with FAIMS ...

Mass spectra of mixtures of PEG400 and HOBP. (a) without FAIMS (b) with FAIMS at a field of 260Td. ( Details from Owlstone Ltd.)


Mass chromatograms for 8-isoprostane in human urine ( Details from Thermo Scientific)


Details from AB Sciex


..... FAIMS - Mass Spectrometry ...............